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Adam Lapid Mysteries (Books 1 - 7) - 20% Discount

Adam Lapid Mysteries (Books 1 - 7) - 20% Discount

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A thrilling collection of mystery novels set in the unique setting of Israel in the 1940s and '50s.

The Adam Lapid books are a series of historical mysteries featuring private investigator Adam Lapid.

Adam is a Holocaust survivor and former Nazi hunter now working as a PI in the fledgling State of Israel.

Rich in history, thrills and action, the Adam Lapid books are gripping mysteries that transport you to a fascinating time and place.

Get books 1 - 7 for 20% off their total price.

This bundle includes the following books in ebook format:

1. Ten Years Gone

2. The Dead Sister

3. The Auschwitz Violinist

4. A Debt of Death

5. A Deadly Act

6. The Auschwitz Detective

7. A Death in Jerusalem

Reviews of the Adam Lapid Mysteries

"Tel Aviv in 1949 may not look much like Chandler's Los Angeles, but in Ten Years Gone it's every bit as dark in the shadows. Jonathan Dunsky's private eye, Adam Lapid, makes it almost too real." - Lawrence Block, author of the Matt Scudder series.

"If you only read one P.I. series, make it the addictive, evocative Adam Lapid Mysteries." - Ellen Byron, bestselling mystery author of the Cajon Country Mysteries

"Jonathan Dunsky's Adam Lapid detective series is full of twists and turns, dark secrets, and thrilling suspense--all set against the backdrop of the end of WWII." - Jewish Book Council

"I'm as smitten by Adam Lapid as I am with Daniel Silva's Gabriel Alon... I'm compulsively devouring one book after another." - Pamela B. Cohen, author of Hidden Heroes, One Woman's Story of Rescue and Resistance in the Soviet Union

"Jonathan Dunsky knows how to create an intriguing mystery that keeps the pages turning." - Murray Leighton-Bailey, author of the Ash Carter thrillers.

 "Ten Years Gone artfully blends history and mystery in a riveting read. " - Faith, Fiction, Friends

"The series combines elements of vintage noir- sharp dialogue, pounding rhythm, high-octane suspense- with bigger themes, treated in a more passionate, dramatic style." - Laurette Long
"I 'binge-read' the entire series." - Cardinal Bluff Reviews

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