A Balloon Show

A few days ago, my wife and I took our two boys to a balloon show in Tel Aviv port. The port was opened in 1936, when the Great Arab Revolt against the British made using the port of Jaffa unreliable, or even impossible.

Today, Israel has other ports. The one in Tel Aviv no longer serves in its original function. It is now a business and cultural center.

In one of its hangers, fifty balloon designers contributed pieces for a remarkable balloon show.

Here are some pictures I took  in the show (there were many more incredible exhibits):

Statue of Liberty Balloon Art

And here is something from Britain:

Parliament Tower Balloon Art

And from France:

Eiffel Tower Balloons Art

One of the many animal designs:

Lion Balloons art


And finally, my wife and I in a bath with balloon bubbles around us:

Jonathan Dunsky and his wife Balloon show

As you can see, the show was pretty impressive. We all had a wonderful time.

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