What I’m Working On Now

I have a number of projects lined up at the moment. Two small ones, one medium, and one large.

The two small ones are two short fantasy stories that have already been written and edited. What remains is writing the blurbs and doing the covers. I plan on using the same cover artist who did the covers for the four short stories I’ve published so far. I just need to find a quiet hour to do the blurbs.

The medium project is a horror western story (awesome combination, in my humble opinion), that’s about 10,000 words long. I am still in the process of editing it myself — before having it professionally edited, of course.

The big project is the third Adam Lapid novel, though one which takes place before The Dead Sister and The Auschwitz Violinist chronologically. This novel is turning out to be longer than I had anticipated, though the end is fast approaching. I hope to be finished with the writing in three-four weeks. Then I will go over it, remove embarrassing parts, clunky sentences, and obvious typos, and make sure that all the parts and pieces of the story work as I envision them.

Then, a few rounds of professional editing, a cover, and it will go live in both ebook and paperback form. I am excited about this novel. I hope it turns out as well as I think it will.

And, on the back burner of my mind, I have a few ideas percolating for more Adam Lapid novels, and novels which do not feature him. These include an assassin novel, a spy/political thriller, and a light-hearted comic crime novel, which should serve as a series opener.

So a lot of things cooking. I hope you’ll like the dishes when they’re done.