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Two New Short Stories Out

During the past week I published two new short stories, both in the modern fantasy genre (what some would call Urban Fantasy).

The first is Grandma Rachel’s Ghosts, which is a story dear to my heart. It tells the tale of a young boy named Jacob who lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. When he is five, during a visit to his Grandma Rachel, he sees two women in her kitchen, dressed in thick woolen dresses, unfit for the summer heat of Israel.

It turns out that the two women are the ghosts of Esther and Tova, Grandma Rachel’s sisters, both of whom died in the Holocaust. Only Jacob and his grandmother can see the ghosts, and for Jacob this opens a window into his familial past. That past is often wonderful, but can also be a dark, despondent place, where he doesn’t want to look, even though he may have to.

There are some personal elements from my own life in this story, which is why it is dear to me. If you want a heart-warming (and sometimes wrenching) tale of love and family, get a copy of Grandma Rachel’s Ghosts.

The second story is Tommy’s Touch, which tells the tale of Rose and her husband Tommy. Tommy has the magic of healing. He can cure the injured and sick, at the expense of his own energy and health (which he can regain over time).

Tommy uses his gift to work for criminal elements, curing their operatives when they get shot or injured. As he gets older, the work takes more of a strain on him, and his employers are not the sort who believe in sick leave.

Rose, fearing for Tommy’s health, knows that if Tommy doesn’t stop, he will die. But what can she do about it? Find out in Tommy’s Touch.