Mystery Writer Jonathan Dunsky

The Auschwitz Violinist (Adam Lapid book 3)

What if your friend was murdered and the police wouldn’t investigate?

Private investigator Adam Lapid was sure Yosef Kaplon was dead.

The last time Adam saw him was in Auschwitz. They were prisoners together in the same barracks. Then one day, without warning, Yosef Kaplon was gone.

Six years later, in August 1950, Adam runs into Kaplon on a street corner in Tel Aviv, Israel. Soon after, Kaplon is found dead in his apartment.

The police say it was suicide, but Adam Lapid is not so sure. Something doesn’t feel right about Kaplon’s death.

Was Yosef Kaplon driven to take his own life by madness and grief? Or has Adam Lapid stumbled upon the trail of a crafty and sinister serial killer–a murderer who has killed before and plans on killing again?