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The Auschwitz Violinist is an Amazon Bestseller

Yesterday was the biggest sales day for me since I began selling books on Amazon. Most of those sales were for The Auschwitz Violinist, which is still on sale for $0.99 and will continue to be so until June 6, but some were for The Dead Sister. Both books jumped in their overall ranking in the Amazon store, but The Auschwitz Violinist was the big riser, breaking into the top 5,000 ebooks sold in the entire Amazon store.

In addition, it also attained, and still holds at this time, the #1 position in one of the categories to which it belongs. This is why it has been adorned with the orange banner proclaiming it as Best Seller. Naturally, I’m stoked and proud that this has happened. I hope that plenty of readers will get, read, and enjoy this novel. I enjoyed writing it very much and nothing would please me more than knowing a lot of readers from all over the world have read it.

So I can now and forever say that I am an Amazon category no. 1 bestselling author. Another milestone in my writing career.