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Rabbi Shmuel vs. The Lizard Demon Queen – New Short Story

My second fantasy comedy short story is out today. It’s called Rabbi Shmuel vs. The Lizard Demon Queen, and it’s a laugh-out-loud gem of a story. If you want a good laugh, it’s what you need.

The story is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon.

Here is the description:

A Laugh-Out-Loud Battle Between Good And Evil

When the special telephone in his office rings, Rabbi Shmuel knows it’s going to be one of those days.

God is on the line, and He has a job for Rabbi Shmuel.

The Lizard Demon Queen has escaped her hellish prison and is about to unleash destruction upon the world.

God commands Rabbi Shmuel to stop her.

Armed with nothing but his faith, silver-plated Torah, traditional religious garb, and a backpack filled with painfully bad Jewish food, Rabbi Shmuel sets out on a dangerous quest to save the world.

Rabbi Shmuel vs. The Lizard Demon Queen is a super-funny fantasy short story for people who like laughing.

Warning: This story contains demons, bad kosher food, a very hungry dragon, a semi-naked woman, talking lizards, and one nasty mother-in-law.

Get your copy of Rabbi Shmuel vs. The Lizard Demon Queen here