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The Auschwitz Detective (Adam Lapid Mysteries #6)

The Auschwitz Detective (Adam Lapid Mysteries #6)

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The boy was murdered in Auschwitz. The killer isn't a Nazi.

Poland, 1944: Adam Lapid used to be a police detective. Now he's a Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz.

Reduced to a slave after losing his family in the gas chambers, Adam struggles to find a reason to carry on living.

But when a boy is found murdered inside the camp, Adam is given the chance to be a detective again.

Ordered to discover the identity of the killer, Adam must employ all his wits to solve the mystery while surviving the perils of Auschwitz.

And he'd better catch the killer soon because the punishment for failure is death.

Readers of murder mysteries and historical fiction will be thrilled by The Auschwitz Detective.

The Auschwitz Detective is a prequel and can be read before the other books in the Adam Lapid series.

This is book #6 in the Adam Lapid series. But since it's a prequel, it can be read first.

You can read this ebook on any enabled device, including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and on modern tablets and smartphones. Ebook is delivered by BookFunnel.

The Auschwitz Detective is book 6 in the Adam Lapid series.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lesley Dodd
The Auschwitz Detective.

I have not had chance to listen to the book yet but if any of the other Adam Lapid audio books are anything to go by I am in for a treat. I have enjoyed them all a lot and look forward to reading the latest one

Meril Salzburg
Heart-wrenching tragedies stunningly written

The truth hurts. Exhilarating and powerful story of courage, strength, suspense and drama that grabs at your heart strings. Superb script with passion, fear, and substantial HOPE. Having read the book and listened to the book, I am amazed by the experience of listening and feeling the horrors down to my bones. And the joy of friendship that ensued among the main prisoners. Sad to bring back the horror of that time but crucial to never forget. Am Chai Yisrael.

David Shapiro
Absolutely Exxcellent

Auschwitz Detective is levels above most other mystery novels. It is historical fiction and a mystery and excels at both. The characters are believable, the situations (though many are unpleasant) are well described. It is not often that a novel can stir such a variety of emotions - these are imaginary characters yet you feel their pain, their joy. The writing is outstanding. Certainly one of the best murder mysteries I have ever read.

Anne Powell
Brilliant read, who needs a time machine!

Words which not only tell a story, but paint pictures in your mind. The horror and tragedy compare with the humanity.

Carolyn McGehee
Very well done

An excellent story that is narrated well