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New Story – Family Ties

I have a new story out today called Family Ties. It’s available here on Amazon.


Here is the story description:

Mike has always had his cousin Jimmy’s back. Ever since they were kids, stealing candy from a local store.

As they got older, and the crimes got bigger, Mike even did time in prison for Jimmy.

Now, Mike is a recently released ex-con, and he’s determined never to go back to prison. But when Jimmy comes to him for help, Mike doesn’t turn him away.

Not even when he senses Jimmy is about to drag him into trouble again.

Not even when the blood begins flowing.

Not even if it means risking his own life.

Family Ties is a story about murder, violence, crime, and the lengths we go to help those we love.


I’m rather proud of this story. I wrote the first draft in two or three sittings, then let it lie for a while before I came back to it and gave it a fresh reading. I found that I liked it a lot and went over it with a fine-tooth comb, removing the odd typo and clunky sentence.

Naturally, my professional editor managed to find even more typos when she went over it, but that’s how it works. You are always semi-blind when it comes to what you wrote yourself.

If you’re in the mood for a quick and exciting read, check out Family Ties. You’ll love it.

Update: There is now a print version of this story as well. You can find it, and the ebook version, on the same page on Amazon.