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New Short Story – The Omission of Her Majesty’s History

I have a new short story out, a fantasy comedy called The Omission of Her Majesty’s History. You can get it for $0.99 on Amazon. So far it’s in ebook form only, but soon I will also have a paperback version for it.

Why a paperback version for a short story?

Because some people prefer paper to digital, and because I believe giving as many people as possible what they want is sound business logic. Besides, the costs of having a paperback version these days approaches zero. The cover designer did the ebook and paperback cover for one lump price. I did the paperback layout myself using templates provided by Createspace, which does the printing. Since this is a Print On Demand service, I don’t have to pay for inventory or storage. Anytime a reader buys a paperback of my story, it gets printed and shipped to them.

My only cost is a bit of time investment laying out the text and uploading the book to an additional service. I will also pay for a proof book to make sure everything looks as it should, but that’s it.

But all that’s in the future. At the moment, there is only the ebook of the story. I have to say I am proud of this story. It’s funny, with great characters and plot. It takes place in London and stars a stodgy history professor with antiquated views and tastes. There is also a mischievous demon in the story, which I am sure would appeal to all fans of humoristic fantasy.

The story behind the story is interesting. I came by the title as part of a story-writing challenge I was involved in. The challenge called for opening a dictionary on three random pages and picking a random word from each page. The words I came up with were: Majesty, History, and Omission.

Then I put my creative cap on and came up with a character, a setting, and a problem for that character. And the story evolved from there. Quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

Here is the ebook description:

Professor Reginald Nelson Thackery is having a very bad day.

His loyal secretary of many years, Mrs. Finnibottoms, has informed him that his book on the history of the greatest English monarchs has been printed without the chapter on Her Majesty the Queen.

The book is due out today, and a copy has been sent to Buckingham Palace.

Thackery fears the Queen will consider his leaving her out of the book as a major affront. And he will be the laughing stock of the entire university.

Facing imminent professional ruin, and seeing his hopes for a long-sought-after knighthood dashed, a desperate Thackery is willing to try anything. Including turning to a mischievous Indian demon with a cruel sense of humor for help.

The Omission of Her Majesty’s History is a laugh-out-loud fantasy short story for anglophiles and people who like to laugh.

Get your copy of The Omission of Her Majesty’s History here.