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I’m This Close

This close!

Yes, these are my fingers, and, yes, I am this close to finishing the first draft of the next Adam Lapid novel (number 6).

I had an unexpected spurt of writing these past few weeks, and now I am a single scene from the end.

The end of writing the story that is. There is still plenty of work to be done before the book is published.

First, I need to commission a cover.

Second, there’s editing.

I always hire an editor to go over my work, but before that, I edit the book myself. This entails going through the book at least twice, and usually more, in order to weed out any typos, correct grammatical errors, fix style imperfections and continuity issues, and to make sure the story works on a logical and emotional level.

Characters need to act like the people they are. Events need to flow correctly. Historical details need to be checked and rechecked. This takes time and is often quite tedious.

However, the biggest and most difficult part is always writing the story, because then I’m creating something from nothing. And I’m very excited that I’m on the verge of finishing that part.

This Adam Lapid novel is going to be very different than the five that preceded it. Radically different. I wish I could tell you more, but it might spoil things for you.

I hope to get this novel done all the way and published in the near future.

Talk soon with more updates.