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A Debt of Death is Now Available

I’m happy and proud to announce the release of A Debt of Deaththe fourth book in the Adam Lapid Mysteries series.

This book takes place in January, 1951, a few months following the conclusion of The Auschwitz Violinist, and has Adam running into some of the most sordid, vivid, and memorable characters I’ve ever created.

The book begins with Adam finding the body of a man on Allenby Street, a man Adam knows quite well. Soon, Adam is in the middle of an investigation which will place him in great danger.

A Debt of Death is most action-packed, fast-paced, and suspenseful of the Adam Lapid novels — all in my opinion, of course — so you should be able to breeze right through it. Expect lots of twists, shocks, and surprises.

A Debt of Death is currently out in ebook form only. I will have a paperback version up in a few weeks. It is, for the moment, also available on Kindle Unlimited. If you’re looking for a riveting read, check out A Debt of Death.