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Five Books You Should Read

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Dear reader, While you wait for me to publish the next Adam Lapid novel (which I am close to finishing), I would like to share with you five books that I’ve read recently and which I think you will enjoy. They include fiction and non-fiction and are written in a variety of styles, so I’m […]

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I’m This Close

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Yes, these are my fingers, and, yes, I am this close to finishing the first draft of the next Adam Lapid novel (number 6). I had an unexpected spurt of writing these past few weeks, and now I am a single scene from the end. The end of writing the story that is. There is […]


Adam Lapid is Coming Back

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I’m happy to announce the upcoming publication of the fifth novel in the Adam Lapid series that takes readers to turbulent and intriguing fledgling Israel. The new book is called A Deadly Act and takes place in the summer of 1951. I won’t go into detail about the plot so as not to spoil the […]