The Dead Sister

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Private detective Adam Lapid has seen his share of death. He lost his family in Auschwitz. He survived the Holocaust. He nearly died in Israel’s War of Independence.

jonathandunsky_thedeadsister_paperbackmockup_aNow it is 1949, and he lives alone in Tel Aviv, Israel, haunted by bad memories and nightmares, trying to rebuild his life.

But death is never distant.

When an Arab called Ahmed Jamalka hires him to find out who murdered his sister, Maryam, Lapid launches an investigation that will plunge him into a murky underworld of crime and depravity, and bring him face to face with the sort of evil he thought he’d left behind in Europe.

Adam Lapid will need to risk everything to solve this case.

The Dead Sister is a thrilling mystery novel with a one-of-a-kind hero.

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