Stay Classy, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has always been one of my favorite countries. A country that flogs people for the most minor offenses,  doesn’t allow women to drive and dresses them in what looks like black tents in the oppressive heat of Arabia, and helps propagate an extreme and repressive form of Islam all around the globe – what’s not to love?

Seriously, now, I think nothing of Saudi Arabia and expect even less. Still, their football team managed to surprise even me with their brazen display of contempt yesterday as they squared off against Australia.

The Australians decided to hold a minute’s silence in memory of the victims of last week’s attack in London. An attack that was perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Islam. You would think the Saudis would take the opportunity to show a kinder side of Islam, but no. They declared that a minute’s silence was against their culture (which is a lie) and proceeded to prance around as the audience and Australian team maintained their vigil.

Only one Saudi player saw fit to stand still as the host team grieved. Kudos to him. I hope he is not punished for his display of humanity.

It would have been appropriate had the Australian team refused to play the Saudis and had them ejected from Australia without ceremony at the earliest possible moment. At least they beat them 3-2. I suppose that’s something.