Stay Classy, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has always been one of my favorite countries. A country that flogs people for the most minor offenses,  doesn’t allow women to drive and dresses them in what looks like black tents in the oppressive heat of Arabia, and helps propagate an extreme and repressive form of Islam all around the globe – what’s not to love?

Seriously, now, I think nothing of Saudi Arabia and expect even less. Still, their football team managed to surprise even me with their brazen display of contempt yesterday as they squared off against Australia.

The Australians decided to hold a minute’s silence in memory of the victims of last week’s attack in London. An attack that was perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Islam. You would think the Saudis would take the opportunity to show a kinder side of Islam, but no. They declared that a minute’s silence was against their culture (which is a lie) and proceeded to prance around as the audience and Australian team maintained their vigil.

Only one Saudi player saw fit to stand still as the host team grieved. Kudos to him. I hope he is not punished for his display of humanity.

It would have been appropriate had the Australian team refused to play the Saudis and had them ejected from Australia without ceremony at the earliest possible moment. At least they beat them 3-2. I suppose that’s something.

May Will Not Last Past June

The UK elections projections are in and, if they are borne out by the actual results, the Tories (Conservatives) have won 318 seats out of 650, less than a majority. They are the biggest party by far, but they will need to form a coalition or run a minority government.

The results are a disaster for Brexit supporters, British nationalists, those who oppose the unfettered immigration of practically everyone to Britain, and for British Prime Minister Theresa May.

As I explained in a previous post, it was not enough for May to lead the Tories to victory. She had to enhance their slim majority in Parliament, for that was the reason she called for these early elections. She failed to do that, lost her majority completely, and in fact may end up seeing a Labour party, with the most extreme leader in its history, become the ruling party of Britain.

This is a catastrophe for the Tories, and, personally, for May. She’s the winner on paper, but I doubt she will last for long in her post. Soon, once the dust settles, the Tories will likely choose another leader to replace her. The flamboyant Boris Johnson, perhaps.

Given the long history of British parliamentary politics, it is likely that a prime minister whose term ended in a greater humiliation that Theresa May’s ends up doing will be found, but I doubt that there would be many such examples.

These elections will likely go down as one of the most disastrous and unnecessary acts of Sepuku in British, and perhaps even world history.

How to Win an Election and Lose Your Job

When British Prime Minister Theresa May declared a snap election on 18 April 2017, she was ahead by double digits in the polls over the main opposition party, Labour. Her goal was to win a bigger Tory majority in Parliament to allow her to govern more effectively, without having to woo or cajole every single Tory member to support her policies. (At the moment, the Tories hold 330 seats of the 650 seats in Parliament.)

But elections are unpredictable beasts, as Hillary Clinton learned the hard way. Now, with two days left to the election, the gap between the Tories and Labour had narrowed drastically. Some polls say the Tories still hold a comfortable lead, while others say their lead is razor thin. It appears that some polling companies are using new methodologies, hoping to better capture the outcome of this election, after having failed to predict the previous UK election and the recent American one, so the results may surprise everyone.

What is clear is that what was at first unthinkable, that the Tories would either lose the election or have to form a coalition government with other parties because they would fail to win a clear majority themselves, is now not unlikely. It is also possible that the Tories will emerge victorious, but with even a slimmer majority than the one they now hold.

In either such scenario, Theresa May will likely have to resign.

Theresa May took a gamble when she called for these elections. She ran a shoddy campaign. She proved an uncharismatic, lackluster leader. She will be blamed should the Tories come out of these elections worse off than they were when they entered them.

Winning the election will not be enough for her to retain her job. She declared these elections to enhance her party’s majority in Parliament. If she fails, even while winning, she will face inter-party pressure to resign, and will likely surrender to it.

So Theresa May may win the forthcoming elections, and end up losing her job while doing so. We’ll know in two days.

Last Day of The Auschwitz Violinist Sale

My novel, The Auschwitz Violinist, has been on sale for the past six days. That sale is coming to a close at the end of the day. In twenty-four hours the price of the ebook will jump from $0.99 back to the original price of $4.99.

This sale has been wonderful. A ton of new readers have found and bought the novel. Others have borrowed it on Kindle Unlimited. Some have also picked up a copy of The Dead Sister. Others, I’m sure, will, once they finish reading The Auschwitz Violinist.

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Ten Years Gone, New Adam Lapid Novel is up for Pre-Order

The new Adam Lapid mystery novel, Ten Years Gone, is now up for pre-order on Amazon.

If you order your copy now, you will get your ebook no later than August 4, 2017.

Why no later?

Because I have some tasks on my end to complete before the book goes on regular sale. They should be done well before August 4, in which case I will push forward the official date of release.

Ten Years Gone is a novel that takes place before The Dead Sister and The Auschwitz Violinist. It is a sort of prequel, though, like the other two novels, it is a standalone mystery featuring private investigator Adam Lapid.

This is my most emotional tale yet, and the one with the most twists and turns. Adam Lapid faces many dangers in this novel, both physical and emotional. He has to dig deep inside himself to withstand all that befalls him in this novel as he strives to solve a ten-year-old missing persons case involving a disappeared baby. I feel confident that you will like it.

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