A Quick Update

With the publication of Ten Years Gone – Adam Lapid Series Prequel fast approaching (August 4, or earlier), I thought it would be a good time to give a quick update on what I’m working on now.

I’m about 20,000 words into a new Adam Lapid novel, title to be determined later. I’m writing this one by the seat of my pants, pretty much how I wrote two of the previous novels. After a shaky start, a new opening scene hit me like a lightning bolt. Once it did, I knew that I had the right beginning for the novel.

Having written that scene (it is actually a two-scene sequence), I spent a few days seamlessly connecting it to the other scenes I had already written. As it now stands, I have about a quarter of the novel written. Naturally, I can’t know for sure at this time that the book will be about 80,000 words long when it is completed, but that’s how it feels like to me.

I’m very happy with what I’ve written so far. It is shaping up to be a cracking story, one quite different from the previous three.

I’ve also got another project going, though this one is in the very early stages. It’s a standalone novel with a powerful female protagonist. It will likely be more violent and bloody than the Adam Lapid novels. I’ve started working on it using a voice recognition software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. I’ve read reports that some authors have managed to become much more productive by using this software, and I want to do the same.

I still need to get used to dictation. Once I do, I hope that I’ll be able to bring out more good books faster for all you readers.

That’s it for me. If you haven’t done so, check out my books here.


Adam Lapid Reading Order

Now that the third novel in the Adam Lapid mysteries series is about to be published, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the order in which you should read the books.

Each book in the Adam Lapid series is a standalone mystery so you can read them in any order you wish. Some people read The Auschwitz Violinist first and then proceed to read The Dead Sister, and others read them in the opposite order.

While it is true that some of the characters appear in more than one of the books, I believe your enjoyment won’t suffer whether you begin the series with one book or the other.

That being said, you may wish to read the books in order, and in that case, there are two possible orders you may choose from. You may choose to read the books in the order in which they were published, or you may wish to read them in chronological order.

The first book I published was The Dead Sister, the second was The Auschwitz violinist, and the third is the upcoming Ten Years Gone. However, the internal chronological order of the books is different. Ten Years Gone takes place in the summer of 1949, The Dead Sister a few months afterward, and The Auschwitz Violinist occurs about a year after the conclusion of The Dead Sister.

Since Ten Years Gone is only available for pre-order, you may wish to order that and wait until you read it before you dive into The Dead Sister. But if you decide you can’t wait and you want to read my work right this minute, which would be a very wise decision on your part, you can read either The Dead Sister or The Auschwitz Violinist. Opinion is divided as to which of these two books is better, and I can’t quite make up my mind as well. My point is that you shouldn’t worry too much about which book you read first. Just pick whichever one seems the most interesting and dive right in. I’m sure you’ll have a good time.

Last Day of The Auschwitz Violinist Sale

My novel, The Auschwitz Violinist, has been on sale for the past six days. That sale is coming to a close at the end of the day. In twenty-four hours the price of the ebook will jump from $0.99 back to the original price of $4.99.

This sale has been wonderful. A ton of new readers have found and bought the novel. Others have borrowed it on Kindle Unlimited. Some have also picked up a copy of The Dead Sister. Others, I’m sure, will, once they finish reading The Auschwitz Violinist.

If you’re looking for a well-written, emotional, and page-turning mystery novel, you won’t be disappointed with The Auschwitz Violinist. Get your copy for less than a dollar (or a pound if you’re in Britain) before this sale comes to a close.


Ten Years Gone, New Adam Lapid Novel is up for Pre-Order

The new Adam Lapid mystery novel, Ten Years Gone, is now up for pre-order on Amazon.

If you order your copy now, you will get your ebook no later than August 4, 2017.

Why no later?

Because I have some tasks on my end to complete before the book goes on regular sale. They should be done well before August 4, in which case I will push forward the official date of release.

Ten Years Gone is a novel that takes place before The Dead Sister and The Auschwitz Violinist. It is a sort of prequel, though, like the other two novels, it is a standalone mystery featuring private investigator Adam Lapid.

This is my most emotional tale yet, and the one with the most twists and turns. Adam Lapid faces many dangers in this novel, both physical and emotional. He has to dig deep inside himself to withstand all that befalls him in this novel as he strives to solve a ten-year-old missing persons case involving a disappeared baby. I feel confident that you will like it.

Click here to order your copy of Ten Years Gone

The Auschwitz Violinist is an Amazon Bestseller

Yesterday was the biggest sales day for me since I began selling books on Amazon. Most of those sales were for The Auschwitz Violinist, which is still on sale for $0.99 and will continue to be so until June 6, but some were for The Dead Sister. Both books jumped in their overall ranking in the Amazon store, but The Auschwitz Violinist was the big riser, breaking into the top 5,000 ebooks sold in the entire Amazon store.

In addition, it also attained, and still holds at this time, the #1 position in one of the categories to which it belongs. This is why it has been adorned with the orange banner proclaiming it as Best Seller. Naturally, I’m stoked and proud that this has happened. I hope that plenty of readers will get, read, and enjoy this novel. I enjoyed writing it very much and nothing would please me more than knowing a lot of readers from all over the world have read it.

So I can now and forever say that I am an Amazon category no. 1 bestselling author. Another milestone in my writing career.