My Novels and Short Stories

Ten Years Gone (Adam Lapid Book 1)

in 1939, Henrietta Ackerland was desperate.

A Jew in Berlin, she found herself hated by her own countrymen. Her husband had been arrested by the Nazis, leaving her and her baby son, Willie, alone in the world. Eager to get Willie out of Germany, Henrietta handed him over to Esther Grunewald, a German Jew who was fleeing Germany for the Land of Israel. Henrietta planned to soon follow, but war broke out and she only managed to come to Israel in 1949, ten years after parting with her son.

Now, with no news of Esther and Willie, and with the police unwilling to help in the search, Henrietta hires private detective Adam Lapid to find her son. Adam begins the search and soon stumbles upon a horrific crime that the police has failed to solve and a vicious killer still on the loose.


The Dead Sister (Adam Lapid Book 2)

When a young Arab called Ahmen Jamalka tries to hire Adam Lapid to discover who murdered his sister, Maryam, Adam refuses to take on the case.  It's a matter for the police, he says.

But the police aren't doing much to investigate this murder, and Ahmed doesn't believe they ever will. So Adam agrees to help. Because someone has to bring this killer to justice. Someone has to make sure Maryam Jamalka is avenged.

Soon Adam's investigation plunges him into a murky underworld of violence, crime and debauchery--a world inhabited by vicious criminals, pimps and prostitutes, and one depraved killer who is willing to kill again to avoid capture.


The Auschwitz Violinist (Adam Lapid Book 3)

Adam Lapid was sure Yosef Kaplon was dead. The last time he saw him was in Auschwitz, where they were prisoners in the same barracks. Then one day Kaplon was gone.

Six years later, in 1950, Adam runs into Kaplon on a street corner in Tel Aviv. Kaplon invites him to drinks that night and tells him how he survived the Holocaust.

A few days later, Kaplon is found dead in his apartment with his wrists slashed.

The police call it suicide, but Adam Lapid is not so sure. Has Kaplon succumbed to depression and madness or was he murdered by a crafty and sinister killer who is targeting Holocaust survivors for some unknown sin?


The Favor - A Tale of Friendship and Murder

Millionaire Paul is certain his wife, Lisa, is cheating on him and vows to kill the guy if he learns who he is. Mickey, his childhood friend and dead-broke ex-con, sees Paul is serious and smells an opportunity to improve his lot in the world.

So he offers to do Paul a favor -- from one friend to another -- and follow Lisa around to see who her lover is.

Simple, right?

But Mickey's plan is far more complex than what he tells Paul. Not that it matters. Because soon Mickey's plan goes terribly wrong -- with deadly consequences.


Family Ties

Mike is an ex-con recently released from prison. The last thing he wants is to risk going back inside. Now he lives in a trailer park, working a miminum wage job, trying to get his life straight.

Jimmy, Mike's cousin who is like a brother to him, was Mike's partner in crime. Mike went to prison without giving Jimmy up.

Jimmy is a career criminal with a tendency to get into stupid trouble. When he does so again, he comes to Mike for help.

Jimmy's gone out on a night of fun and games with the young daughter of a prominent mobster. And now she's passed out in Jimmy's car after overdosing on heroin Jimmy gave her.

Mike is scared Jimmy might be dragging him down into trouble again, but what can he do, blood is thicker than anything.


Grandma Rachel's Ghosts

Jacob is five when he sees the two strange women in his grandmother's kitchen in Tel Aviv. They are younger than his Grandma Rachel, and both are dressed in strange clothes -- much too long and thick for the scorching Tel Aviv summer.

But Grandma Rachel is happy to talk with the two women. They seem to have known each other for a long time.

As Jacob grows older, he drifts away from his grandmother. He looks toward his future and wants little to do with the past, especially the painful bits of it.

But now Grandma Rachel is dying. Will Jacob finally come to terms with his heritage? Will he make peace with Grandma Rachel's ghosts?

Grandma Rachel Ghosts is an emotional fantasy story with a Jewish twist.


Rabbi Shmuel vs. the Lizard Demon Queen

Rabbi Shmuel is in his synagogue office in Brooklyn when he gets a call from God. The Almighty has a mission for him: The Lizard Demon Queen and her minions have risen from the netherworld and are plotting to take over the world. Rabbi Shmuel must drop everything, hop on over to Megido, Israel, and stop them.

Rabbi Shmuel has no idea how to go about accomplishing that, but you don't say no to God--not when you're a rabbi. But all Rabbi Shmuel has in his arsenal is a silver-plated Torah, a bagful of almost-inedible Jewish food, and his faith. It will have to be enough, or his relationship with God, not to mention the state of the world, will never be the same again.

This is a laugh-out-loud battle between Good and Evil. And the future of the world is at stake.