Books and Stories

Here are the books and short stories I currently have for sale.


The Dead Sister (Adam Lapid Mysteries Book 1)

Adam Lapid sets out to investigate the murder of a young Arab woman in Tel Aviv in the early days of the State of Israel.

The Auschwitz Violinist (Adam Lapid Mysteries Book 2)

Adam Lapid investigates the suspicious suicide of an Auschwitz survivor whom he runs into in Tel Aviv after last seeing him in Auschwitz six years before.

Crime/Mystery Short Stories

The Favor – A Tale of Friendship and Murder

Millionaire Paul is certain his wife is cheating on him and vows to kill the guy if he learns who his is. Mickey, his friend and dead-broke ex-con, upon hearing this, sees a way to improve his lot in the world.

Family Ties

Mike is recently released from prison and wants to set his life straight. Jimmy, his cousin who is like a brother to him, is a career criminal with a tendency to get into foolish trouble. When he does so again, he comes to Mike for help. Mike is worried Jimmy might be dragging him down into trouble again, but what can he do, blood is thicker than anything.

Fantasy Short Stories

Rabbi Shmuel vs. the Lizard Demon Queen

Rabbi Shmuel is in his synagogue office when he gets a call from God.  The almighty has a mission for him: Rabbi Shmuel must stop the Lizard Demon Queen and her minions from taking over the world. And all the rabbi has in his arsenal is a silver-plated Torah, a bagful of almost-inedible Jewish food, and his faith. This is a laugh-out-loud battle between Good and Evil.

The Omission of Her Majesty’s History

Professor Reginald Thackery was certain his book on English Monarchs would win him a title from Her Majesty the Queen. But when he discovers his book is about to be sold minus the chapter on Her Majesty, he decides to do whatever it takes to save his reputation and future from certain ruin, even if it entails dealing with a mischievous demon, who seems to like nothing more than to play impish games with the hapless professor.